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Tiss Studio with creative ideas

Project planning and control

General analysis of the project and its estimation for control measures aimed at achieving the agreed results, correct implementation of the work process and minimization of financial losses


Designing architectural plans in a hierarchical manner, appropriate to the use - land position and building calculation in the form of: phase zero studies, phase one plans, phase two plans and executive plans


The design and construction of the construction and industrial projects you want is from zero to one hundred in general and contracting

Project Management

This includes planning, monitoring and controlling technical activities, scheduling, materials required, and potential costs for project development.

Creativity and innovation

Experience and skills

Customer Orientation

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What can we offer?

Interior and exterior

Familiarity and design in different architectural styles

Custom Solution

Individual, aesthetic and practical solutions for customers

Plan Design

Design functional lines in
different uses

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Our experience
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Current employers
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Applied design in different styles

  • Start of our activity, 2009
  • Opening of our first branch office, 2009
  • Development and Developments, 2011
  • Crime Prevention ..., edited by Samare Bigdeli
  • Safe growth ...., editing Samare Bigdeli
  • Theory of architecture ..., translated by Samare Bigdeli


dimensional design

3D modeling



Interior and exterior design

Create creative and beautiful ideas for

Customers in different styles