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1. The golden triangle of the kitchen
In an ideal kitchen, it is necessary to have a hypothetical triangle known as the golden triangle of the kitchen. The corners of this triangle are the location of the stove, sink and refrigerator. The best form of this triangle is equilateral, the length of the legs of which is at least 1.5 to 2 meters. And wasted energy while doing work due to frequent trips while cooking and preparing food.

2- Considering the width of the corridors
One of the criteria for kitchen design is the standard distance between the bottom row cabinets to the cabinets and kitchen appliances on the opposite side or in the so-called corridor width, which should be at least 107 cm to feel comfortable while working. The amount of space you can easily move around and do the usual cooking work. The appropriate width of the entrance door for the kitchen is at least 88 cm, and if it is an open kitchen, this distance is considered at least 102 cm

3- Paying attention to the empty space around the stove
Regarding the place of the stove in the kitchen, we must say: Between the stove and other kitchen appliances, a standard space on the cabinet top is required. This space allows you to place the tools and equipment needed near it while working, or place pots and pans next to the cooking area and drag the prepared food into the serving dish without crowding other spaces. This standard empty space At least 40 cm from the sides of the gas is considered. This empty space should not be a permanent place for picking up extra and electrical equipment, so that you encounter a lot of cumbersome equipment while working, and it is constantly running because of water vapor and oil sprayed on them. Extra cleaning, it is better to have a cabinet for storing dishes near the stove so that you can easily access the pots and pans needed during work. The location of spices and utensils should be in a place away from the stove. Be considered because heat affects the quality of materials. If you are considering the island model for the location of the stove, you should note that the back edge of the gas should be at least 23 cm away from the outer edge of the cabinet plate for people who are watching cooking. You are not in danger.

4- The location of the sink
Regarding the location of the sink in the kitchen, we must say: there should be a distance of at least 1.5 to 2 meters between the location of the sink and the stove. This distance allows you to have a place to put things. This space on the cabinet screen allows you to have a place to prepare materials and wash, clean and eat, etc. It is better to place The dishwasher should be next to the sink so that the dishes can be moved easily. The best place to store baskets, rinses or dishes for washing in the cabinet under the sink or adjacent to it so that you do not look for the device you need while working with wet hands in the kitchen.

5- Location of the refrigerator
Regarding the location of the refrigerator in the kitchen, we should say: The best place for the refrigerator is a place away from moisture and heat from the oven or stove, so in the golden triangle arrangement method, this point is observed and its location is in the side. It is considered far from the sink and stove, but if the amount of space does not allow you to do so, the best place is to keep a distance of at least one meter from the kitchen sink or stove, and of course do not forget that this space should be such that You can easily open and close the refrigerator door without disturbing it with other appliances, and it is easy to clean the refrigerator and its shelves.

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