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There are many ways to acousticize the interior of our home or office, to ensure the comfort level of the residents of the desired space. In this regard, using different materials and solutions, the work can be performed at a reasonable cost and appropriate appearance. Perforated gypsum panels or Knauf panel material is an economical and efficient option for combination in all architectural spaces and projects that are effective in absorbing sound and reducing annoying noise. Knauf material, gypsum sheets and partitions are mainly used. Educational offices, offices, shopping malls, homes, hospitals, etc. can be installed.

Increasing the holes and shapes of the plates absorbs more sound

The diffuser itself is a filter to absorb sound and can act as a resonator. In this way, the sound loses its power when entering a chamber or space, for example, the space between the false ceiling and the main ceiling surface. It is very important to consider the height of the ceiling in the design of the false ceiling and its patterns so that the space of the corridor, such as under it, can cover the thickness of the air.

Perforated patterns in knauf

Gypsum and knauf panels in factories are perforated by certain patterns. These patterns are produced in various forms due to the amount of noise pollution and are effective in absorbing sound waves with low or medium frequencies.

Gypsum and knauf panels can be installed vertically and horizontally

Sandwich partitions or knauf walls can support different levels such as ceilings, walls, stairs, etc. Depending on the acoustic needs of the space, the panels can be installed horizontally or vertically and provide space comfort.

Easy installation of knauf sheets

The method of installation and execution of Knauf sheets is very easy and can be used in the construction of Knauf with ordinary and common tools for making wooden or gypsum partitions.

General recommendations for installing knauf

In the case of the ceiling, the plates should be placed vertically on the vertical frames. The plates should be connected like a cross pattern to ensure the continuity of the function of the holes of the panels. . To paint the pages, you must use painting scraps so that the plaster surfaces are painted evenly and do not reduce the quality of the product. It is recommended that the colors do not contrast with the holes in the panel. It is recommended that the design be done with precise calculations to create excess or half and less pieces in a knauf sheet.

Source: Archdaily

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