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How much does a building renovation project cost?

Execution cost is accurately calculated after the design stage and specification of required materials

What is the execution time of the project?

It depends on the size of the project and the amount of changes made to it

Is it possible to do the design step without execution?

Yes, you can stop working after the design stage, but it is better to keep in mind that if you sign a contract, half of the design cost will be borne by the company.

Is the amount of executive costs of Tis Architecture Company higher than other interior decoration executives due to its brand?

No, the executive costs are even lower than the market and other partners

How can we ensure your good work ??

The project will be carried out in accordance with the pre-determined plan and it will be mentioned in the contract that the project will be delivered without any defects or shortcomings in terms of technical and quality

If we like a project that has already been implemented, can we give it to you or other companies to implement it?

This is very wrong because any design is done according to the size and use of the space and it is possible that its implementation in the space you want is not practical or does not look interesting, but Tis Architecture Company can implement that plan with a few changes and Or create a better design according to the conditions and location of your place.

How much does it cost to decorate my environment?

It depends on the amount of changes and materials used in the design, and if you have a specific budget for this work, we ask you to give us a list of items and facilities that you request to design and implement for you according to your budget. do